Seagrass Furniture

Seagrass is made from wild weed, sometime we can find it in savanna. As other material, we gave to dried it first, but even that the color is same, the light beautiful green. This is very strong material, you can use it for any furnitures and also any color. The natural color will be green and very popular for dining chair. Tripolar Furniture also produces seagrass furniture. You can order dining chair, living room sets, tables, beds, and accessories made…

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Koboo Rattan (Kubu Rattan/Kooboo Rattan)

Rattan furniture business always produce new trend to make the business grows. Now one of important innovation to make furniture customer loves rattan more is using material called koboo rattan. This is a new kind material that having a strong quality and the most thing is that this rattan material is having beautiful color, and the color is grey. Rattan furniture customers, especially from Holland, France and Belgium loves furniture made from kobo rattan material. Koboo rattan become so popular…

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Waterhyacinth Furniture

Water hyacinth is a vegetation that live in the lake or river or water lilies. Water hyacinth is a natural untreated handmade product and will absorb moisture and dry out in direct relation to climate conditions. To avoid any deterioration it is recommended that the environment be dry and well ventilated. Waterhyacinth furniture has unique look and characteristics. Furniture lovers, like waterhyacinth furniture because it looks natural and the color is beautiful. Tripolar Furniture also manufactures waterhyacinth furniture. You can…

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Abaca Furniture

Abaca is made from black banana tree. In Indonesia called pelepah. The pelepah is remove from the tree, especially the outer layer. Then it is dried into the sun, and after is completely dry, the material is ready to twist. The characteristics of abaca are it is stronger because it is twist, and also the color of abaca is very beautiful, so you do not need to apply color on it with other color. Abaca furniture has unique look and…

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Synthetic Rattan Furniture

Tripolar is very concern with furniture trend and continuously give its customers the latest collections. One of the latest collections that Tripolar has been developing is Synthetic Rattan Furniture. Synthetic Rattan Furniture is a polymer extrusion expertly woven over an aluminum frame makes it possible for woven furniture to endure all weather conditions. Synthetic rattan furniture can withstand the different seasons; pouring rain, scorching sun and the freezing snow Therefore , Tripolar’s all weather synthetic rattan furniture have a more…

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