Rattan Furniture Manufacturers Indonesia are rattan furniture companies that manufacture rattan chair, sofa , tables and other items made from natural or synthetic rattan. Rattan furniture manufacturers Indonesia can be found in several cities in Indonesia. Below is explanation why you can them in Indonesia.

You maybe wonders where the rattan furniture in your house come from. Big chance the furniture come from Indonesia. Yes, this country lies in South east Asian region, near Australia Continent. Maybe you have heard there is a beautiful Island which name is Bali. Yes, Bali is part of Indonesian region. In fact Bali island is part of islands in Indonesia which the number of total island is 18,00 islands.

Indonesia is a tropical country. Therefore Indonesia has tropical forest. One of the plant that grows well in tropical forest is rattan. Rattan tree grows around the other tree Rattan tree can climb the other tree because the structure can not support themselves. Rattan trees grow in 3 big islands in Indonesia : Sumatera, Kalimantan, and Sulawesi. 80 % of worldwide rattan tree population grows in Indonesia.

Because rattan grow outside java island, one may think the rattan furniture manufacturers located there. This seems logical, but in reality this is wrong assumption. The center of rattan furniture manufacturers in Indonesia is still located in Java Island. This is true because the infrastructure and skilled labor are still located in java island. Cirebon is one of the biggest center for rattan furniture manufacturers location.

Cirebon city is a port city on the north coast of the island of Java. It is located in the province of West Java near the provincial border with Central Java province, approximately 300 km east of Jakarta city. Cirebon is well known for its Batik industry, cement industry, and snack industry. The other industry what Cirebon is well known is Rattan Industry. You can find many rattan furniture shops and manufacturers in this city.

Most of rattan furniture produced from Cirebon are dedicated for export markets. Nowadays around 200 containers of rattan furniture are exported worldwide. This number makes Cirebon becomes the biggest rattan furniture manufacturers area in Indonesia. So for the buyers who want to buy rattan furniture, Cirebon is the best city you can come and shop. You can choose the rattan company which suits your requirement. There are many small, medium and big companies of rattan manufacturers.

One of the company you can visit is CV Tripolar. Tripolar has been in rattan industry since 2007. Tripolar can produce rattan furniture both from natural or synthetic rattan. The company also can make furniture from wood, iron and other natural fibers. You can order mix items in 1 container from CV Tripolar. This sounds good for small and medium retailer buyer. Tripolar also has been participating in IFEX furniture fair each your for past 5 years. You can visit this furniture fair also to meet rattan furniture manufacturers from Indonesia. By visiting Indonesia we hope you can buy the furniture you needs and also you can visit many interesting location for leisure in Indonesia

rattan furniture manufacturers indonesia

rattan furniture manufacturers indonesia