Rattan Furniture Exporters

Where Could We find Rattan Furniture Exporters?

Rattan furniture exporters are companies that export rattan furniture to the world. Some countries produce rattan furniture such as Indonesia, Malaysia, and Vietnam. However the largest producer of rattan furniture is from Indonesia. Why Indonesia is the largest exporter of rattan furniture ? Because more than 80 % of rattan trees grow in Indonesia. In fact rattan tree is not consumed for furniture material only, it is also consumed as food as vegetables for some Indonesian people. Therefore you can find many rattan furniture exporters in Indonesia cities.

Rattan furniture has been used by Indonesian for long time ago. Before Indonesian people use for basket to bring or fruit. And then people start using rattan for household items such as chair, table, carpet, etc. Then rattan furniture is traded locally. The Dutch and Portuguese Army the brought rattan furniture to their country. And then Indonesia has been well known as one of rattan producer in the western world. Starting in 1980s the rattan furniture export grow rapidly as the government support export oriented products.

Why Rattan furniture is loved by people in the world ? Maybe the reasons are some of these characters :
1. Rattan is natural weaving material. Furniture made from natural material keeps the warmth when you place them in cool area. In contrast with metal or non-natural material, the rattan furniture is still warmer than non natural material. That is the reason why people in cold countries area such as European countries, Canada, Russia, and Sweden like rattan furniture
2 Rattan material is flexible. The producer of rattan furniture can make the rattan chair in more complicated and stylish design than other furniture material. Thus the design of the rattan chair can be more variety and can be change from year to year. There is always new design every year for rattan furniture.
3. Rattan furniture is lighter than metal or wooden furniture. This feature made it easy for Women to arrange the furniture as they wish. Because some home activities need to lift the furniture, the lighter the furniture the happier the woman.
4. Rattan is eco-friendly material. Rattan is a tree that grows around the other trees. Rattan trees requires other trees to support its stems to reach the top surface. Rattan can grow quickly and most of them are naturally grown. Hence rattan is a renewable resources as long as the forest still present.

rattan furniture exporters

rattan furniture exporters

So having all those characteristics, rattan will always be loved by so many people. We hope you enjoy visiting Indonesia and Cirebon, and enjoy business with Indonesian rattan furniture exporters.

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