Papasan Chair Exporters

How to find Papasan Chair Exporters?

Papasan chair is a chair, usually made from natural rattan, and the shape of the seat is round. Because the shape of the papasan chair is like a bowl then it is also called a Bowl Chair. Others also called the chair as Moon Chair or Papasan Sofa. Below is example of the papasan chair.
Papasan Chair

The Papasan chair became popular when American World War II service members brought them home from Asia, where they had been used in the Philippines and Japan for centuries. The origin of the peacock chair may be originated from Philippine because Philippine is the pioneer of the rattan chair producer in Asia. However , now the producer of Peacock chairs mostly come from Indonesia. The central industry of rattan chairs is in Cirebon west Java Province.

Papasan is until today still popular among the importers of rattan chairs. Some characteristics that Papasan Chair is good selling chairs are :
– The chair is very comfortable to sit in. The round shape, the angle of seat and the thickness of cushion makes this chair is very comfortable to sit in.
– The loadibility of the chairs in the container is quite a lot. One 40 Ft Container could load 220 pcs of Papasan chairs include cushions. This is why buyer love this chair.
– The price is affordable. Because the shape is simple and the load in container is relatively a lot, then the cost for producing and shipping this chair is relatively cheap compare to other chair.

Currently there are many styles of Papasan chairs. The material used to produce Papasan chair also varies a lot. From natural rattan, synthetic rattan, polyester rope, synthetic fabric and many more. However still the most popular is Papasan chair made from natural rattan. Nevertheless, if you want to import Papasan chairs you should go to Cirebon as the center of rattan industry in the world.