Rainbow Sofa Chair Living set is a popular model of chair made from natural rattan. Rainbow in Bahasa Indonesia means Pelangi. Therefore this chair is also called Pelangi Chair. This item is popular because this model is comfortable to sit in. The loadibility of this living set in one container also a lot. The product price is relatively cheap as well. The weight of this chair is also light. Therefore this model is loved by rattan importers to buy. End customers who buy this chair also like this model.
The name of Pelangi or Rainbow for this chair is maybe because the shape of the back rest of the chair resembles the curve shape of the rainbow. This chair also can be colored dual color. The color of the frame and the colour of the weaving can be coloured differently. This characteristic also can be the reason why the chair is called Rainbow chair.
The market for this chair is worldwide. Many countries import this chair. However these days Eastern Europe is the biggest market for this living set. Russia, Poland, Ukraine and other ex Uni Sovyet countries are the main market for this chair.
There are many Rainbow Sofa chair living set exporter in Indonesia. Tripolar Furniture also produce, manufacture and export this Rainbow sofa chair living set to worldwide market. You can order this item in custom dimension, colour and other specification you need. For order and more information you can contact us. We believe you will love this product and this product can be best seller product for you.
Rainbow Sofa Chair Living Set