Fall or in other words also called Autumn is the season of the year between summer and winter which the temperature of the weather become cooler than in the summer and it is a breezy day.
Most people go on holiday in this season as it is an appropriate time to go camping, traveling, and etc. However, not a few people also who prefer to spend their time at home than go traveling as it will spend more money.
Are you one of the people who prefer to stay at home in the fall? If it’s right, you will find a solution to make your holiday in the fall more cozy and fun.
The first important thing that you need is a patio. You don’t have to think about the large and great patio. If you can create the best one by yourself, it will be the greatest patio you’ve ever had.
Now, I will give you some guides to create a cozy and great patio for fall. Another important element is the rattan furniture. Why should you choose rattan furniture? See the explanation below.
Rattan furniture has various unique shape and pattern. This item also made from a natural material that will give a classical and natural nuances for your patio. Since the patio is outside your house, a piece of rattan furniture will blend to the environment as it has a natural color that fits the atmosphere of fall. Besides its natural look, it is also flexible, durable, and affordable. The flexibility of rattan furniture is because of its weight that lighter than other furniture, so you can easily shift and move it anywhere. Natural rattan furniture is durable because the fall season is a proper one for rattan furniture to keep outside. Rattan furniture is also affordable. It is because you will find many stores that give you special offer as in the fall season they mostly want to clear their inventory to restore the new model of furniture for the next summer. Just for the record, summer is the high season when rattan furniture most hunted by many people.
Anyway, after you know about what advantages that given by rattan furniture for decorating your patio, now let’s get started to create an amazing patio for fall.
Layer up your patio. To create a classical patio you need layer up it with a beautiful rug. You can choose a classical or boho styles rug. A rug also gives a tidy look to your patio and maximize your patio size.
Set up rattan furniture to your patio. Tripolar Furniture has many collections of rattan furniture that fits any kind of patio. You can choose one of them or even customize your design of furniture. A set of Pelangi Chair, Papasan Chair, and etc can be a good option.
Add some accessories. Add any pillows with has a similar pattern to the rug in order to make it looks fit each other. You can also add some plants around your patio to make it has a more natural look.
Now, you are ready to greet fall season because you have a great patio created by yourself.

Written by Sari Fitriani