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A prayer mat is a piece of fabric, a pile carpet or rug, or other material which is used by Muslims, and it is placed between the ground and the worshiper for cleanliness during the act of Praying. In the praying , there are some positions involved such as prostration and sitting on the ground.
A Muslim must perform wudu (ablution) before prayer, and must pray in a clean place. There are many design on motif of the prayer mats. The design of a prayer mat is different in each country and even in each region. The rugs are usually decorated with many beautiful geometric patterns and shapes. They are sometimes even decorated with images. Some images they are usually used are Islamic landmarks, such as the Kaaba or Mosque. The images are never animate objects. This is because the drawing of animate objects is forbidden in Islam.
When praying, a niche, representing the mihrab of a mosque, at the top of the mat must be pointed to the Islamic center for prayer, Mecca. All Muslims are required to know the Qibla or direction towards Mecca from their home or where they are while praying

House of praying mats is producer and exporter of praying mats Our praying mats are using fur and foam, so the prayer feels comfortable when pray. There are also may colors to choose, And we can also make praying mats custom design for your corporate or individual needs.

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