Room dividers or folding screens were found in China in the 7th century. In this era, they were mainly used by royalty, which means it was classy furniture. Its weight was also heavy and can not be shifted or moved. Around a century after that or in the 8th century, the Japanese started using lighter and portable dividers for tea ceremonies, religious events, and outdoor processions. European travelers modified their version of Asian screen dividers using wood, leather, silk, mirrors, and etc.
The modification of room dividers influenced many rattan furniture manufacturers to present a new type of furniture. It is a rattan room dividers. As we know that rattan furniture becomes a new furniture trend lately. It is very popular around the world, especially in the Europe continent and Middle East countries. It has been known widely by many people where does rattan furniture come from. It comes from Indonesia, a country which has many islands and called as an archipelago state.
Surprisingly, rattan room dividers become a new trend of furniture made from rattan. It is because of its unique modification and flexibility that owned by rattan room dividers. What becomes a plus is, this item mostly made from natural rattan material that will give warmth and natural nuances of the house and also environmentally friendly. The use of this item is not only at home. It also can be used in hospitals, schools, restaurants, corporate offices, and convention centers.
Maybe some of you have minimal space or room and have difficulty to separate them. A slender rattan room dividers can help to solve that problem. Rattan room dividers designed as slender as possible to avoid a large space of use. Apart from the previous issue, some reason for the use of room dividers can be generally as follows:
• To divide rooms, creating a more efficient use of the space within the room.
• As decorators and/or accent pieces to add character to room space.
• To hide areas of different usage or privacy protection
• To decorate rooms for better home design effect
Rattan room dividers also designed as a piece of portable furniture. So, you can shift and move it anywhere to a place that you want to divide.
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Written by Sari Fitriani