Rattan Trunks and Storages are Multifunctional items . It means having several functions of different uses. Nowadays, multifunctional stuff or accessories as a household is very needed by many people. As we know that nowadays especially in the western area, not many people have a big house unless they are the rich one. So, they must think carefully about the furniture or accessories that they will use in their house.
Multifunctional stuff or accessories gives many advantages, for example, it can be used as two different types of furniture. This will help many people to minimize the use of furniture or accessories in their house or apartment.
As the use of multifunctional stuff has two or more different of use, it should have both good quality and durable. Therefore, multifunctional stuff which is made from rattan material can be a good option. It is because of its quality and durability can not be doubted when it used as indoor furniture.
Then, what is kind of multifunctional stuff made from rattan? Check out the followings:
It is Rattan Storage Containers and Baskets
There is a lot of type of storage containers and baskets such as baskets, trunks, etc. Those type of furniture is multifunctional or can be used as two or more different use. Here is what we would like to talk about:
Rattan Basket has several different uses. It can be used as a food or fruit basket, laundry basket, drinks basket, book storage, umbrellas storage, tableware storage, or even used as a planter. As the structure of rattan basket has crevices, it is also suitable to use as planters. You can plant any kind of plants and also you can place it either inside or in front of your house.
Rattan Trunk also has several different uses. It has a variety of sizes. A big trunk can be used as clothes storage, tools storage, toys storage, shoe storage, old book or old stuff storage, and even your storage of valuables. Surprisingly, a small trunk also can be used as a coffee table or a single chair. For using it as a chair, you can add a cushion on it to make it more comfortable to be seated. Another amazing idea is you also can use a long big trunk as two extra seats in front of your bed. Most people use a long big trunk in their bedroom in front of their bed. It often used to store blankets, clothes, and many more.
Thus, the rattan basket and rattan trunk is the best stuff or furniture that you should have. Tripolar Furniture provides various baskets and trunks with various shape and pattern.
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Written by Sari Fitriani