In manufacturing a piece of furniture, there is a lot of technique that may be used. All of the techniques have specific aims either for its beauty or its quality. Therefore, each kind of furniture has different manufacturing techniques. It is depending on what material, what furniture do use for, and how it will be formed.
Rattan furniture, although it uses the same material in a whole part of the furniture, it has different techniques. There are assembly techniques and weaving techniques. Assembly technique is a technique of combining each part of furniture become a piece of furniture. Weaving technique is a technique of weaving rattan fibers based on the frame. This technique is mostly used by many rattan manufacturers. A piece of furniture that through a weaving process also called wicker furniture.
So, do you know what are weaving techniques used for making a piece of rattan furniture in detail? If you’re not knowing that, let’s fresh your mind with this one:
Before going further into rattan furniture weaving techniques, it is better for you to know first several terms about weaving techniques such as:
Weaver: The strands that weave through the spokes; they are lighter, thinner and more flexible than the spokes, to enable them to be woven in and out. It uses to make a basket which doesn’t need a frame instead.
Spoke: The strands that stand upright and form the side supports of the basket; they are much stiffer than the weavers and are strong.
Here we go to the weaving techniques of rattan furniture:
Under-and-over-weaving. This is the most commonly used weaving technique. It is also the simplest one. This pattern shows a classic and ordinary weaving pattern. Besides it has a classic and ordinary pattern, it still attracts many people’s interest.
Double weaving. This is an effective weave on large surfaces and in bands or patterns of the same or contrasting color on plain rattan furniture. The pattern of the weaving is unique. It gives a deep structure of rattan material.
Pairing weaving. This weaving uses an odd or even number of a spoke. Each piece is crossed between each other.
Triple twist weaving. This weaving has a complicated process. It also gives a unique pattern. The use of this weaving is not as much as others type of weaving technique. It is because not many people who are able to weave rattan material into Triple twist weaving.
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Written by Sari Fitriani