UMKM Ekspor

Kabar gembira bagi pelaku usaha , masayarakat umum, mahasiswa dan ukm di Indonesia karena saat ini telah hadir UMKM ekspor di Indonesia. UMKM Ekspor didirikan oleh pakar dan praktisi ekspor impor Indonesia yaitu Bapak Ronny Arifulbilah SE, MBA dan Bapak Iqbal Robin. Bapak Ronny Arifulbillah SE, MBA adalah praktisi ekspor sebagai Owner CV Tripolar yang bergerak di bidang Ekspor furniture dan handicraft di Cirebon, Jawa Barat, Indonesia. Sudah berpengalaman di bidang ekspor dari tahun 2000 dan juga merupakan salah satu Pengajar di Balai Besar Pendidikan…

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How To Maintain Rattan Furniture

Maintenance Your Rattan Furniture is Easy Rattan furniture is furniture made from rattan material that usually formed to be a rattan weaves. The finished rattan product of weaving process called Wicker. Rattan furniture or wicker furniture have their own advantages and deficiencies. Moreover, the durability is beyond doubt, of course, with the correct maintenance will become a plus that rattan furniture can stand for a long period. What will happen if we maintain the rattan furniture incorrectly? Similar to other…

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Rattan Furniture Weaving Techniques

In manufacturing a piece of furniture, there is a lot of technique that may be used. All of the techniques have specific aims either for its beauty or its quality. Therefore, each kind of furniture has different manufacturing techniques. It is depending on what material, what furniture do use for, and how it will be formed. Rattan furniture, although it uses the same material in a whole part of the furniture, it has different techniques. There are assembly techniques and…

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Rattan Trunks and Storages

Rattan Trunks and Storages are Multifunctional items . It means having several functions of different uses. Nowadays, multifunctional stuff or accessories as a household is very needed by many people. As we know that nowadays especially in the western area, not many people have a big house unless they are the rich one. So, they must think carefully about the furniture or accessories that they will use in their house. Multifunctional stuff or accessories gives many advantages, for example, it…

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Rattan Room Dividers Exporters

Room dividers or folding screens were found in China in the 7th century. In this era, they were mainly used by royalty, which means it was classy furniture. Its weight was also heavy and can not be shifted or moved. Around a century after that or in the 8th century, the Japanese started using lighter and portable dividers for tea ceremonies, religious events, and outdoor processions. European travelers modified their version of Asian screen dividers using wood, leather, silk, mirrors,…

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Create a Cozy Rattan Patio for Fall with Rattan Furniture

Fall or in other words also called Autumn is the season of the year between summer and winter which the temperature of the weather become cooler than in the summer and it is a breezy day. Most people go on holiday in this season as it is an appropriate time to go camping, traveling, and etc. However, not a few people also who prefer to spend their time at home than go traveling as it will spend more money. Are…

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how to clean mildew

How to Clean Mildew From Wicker Furniture

Wicker furniture can be made from many materials such as rattan, bamboo, seagrass, water hyacinth, etc. It can be seen that most of the wicker furniture uses natural material above. Rattan materials become the most popular material for wicker furniture. Not only come with natural rattan, but it also comes with synthetic rattan material. Both of them have become a trend lately. Since most wicker furniture uses natural material, it is very susceptible to mildew attack. Mildew will grow on…

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Synthetic rattan furniture

Synthetic Rattan Furniture Exporter

Synthetic rattan furniture is a type of furniture made from synthetic rattan. It is an artificial material that resembles the form and texture of rattan peeled. The finished synthetic rattan looks likely made from plastic because synthetic rattan can be made from two different main materials. It can be made from polyethylene (PE) or polyvinyl chloride (PVC) material. Most of the synthetic rattan furniture formed by artificial elements. But, it is also possible that some synthetic rattan furniture has natural…

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Rattan Furniture VS Teak Furniture

Rattan and teak are highly desirable materials for furniture. Both of them become popular because of their advantages. They have their special characteristic which is made them look luxury, elegance, classic, and give natural nuances. Both of them are suitable to be made to become a piece of beautiful furniture and comes from natural material. However, you must consider which is best and suitable for your need before you decide what furniture that will you buy. These things will help…

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The Best Time To Buy Rattan Garden Furniture

Since rattan furniture goes popular, many people are interested in this kind of furniture. That is the reason why rattan furniture becomes a good choice for many people around the world who want to complete their garden with furniture. It is also because this item usually made from synthetic rattan material. Most people called this item wicker furniture. As this item made from synthetic rattan material, of course, it is suitable to be placed outdoors like in the garden. Besides,…

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