Maintenance Your Rattan Furniture is Easy

Rattan furniture is furniture made from rattan material that usually formed to be a rattan weaves. The finished rattan product of weaving process called Wicker. Rattan furniture or wicker furniture have their own advantages and deficiencies. Moreover, the durability is beyond doubt, of course, with the correct maintenance will become a plus that rattan furniture can stand for a long period.
What will happen if we maintain the rattan furniture incorrectly? Similar to other furniture, rattan furniture maintenance has its way. Do not ever maintain different material furniture in the same way. This will be harmful to the furniture. Keep following the maintenance directions from the factory.
Other than that, several problems that can not appear in other furniture may appear in rattan furniture such as, the furniture get odor and squeaking. Those will happen after several years of furniture used. Perhaps those problems also make you confused about how to fix it because the maintenance directions do not provide the way how to fight odor and squeaking rattan furniture.
The following ways can help you.

Deodorizing Less-Than-Fresh Rattan Furniture

The cause of rattan furniture get odor is the humidity of the room where you keep the furniture. The more humid a room will be, the higher the level of odor that arises from rattan furniture. The first important tip is to keep the furniture in the well-ventilated area. But, if your rattan furniture already got odor, so you don’t have to worry. We have the solution.
Things that you need are vacuum cleaner, baking soda, clean cloths, water, and mild soap.
The steps that you should follow are:
• Get your furniture out of your house. Sprinkle baking soda over the furniture. Air it out in dry and non-humid weather for several hours.
• Vacuum the baking soda and any loose dust from the furniture.
• Wipe down the entire furniture with a clean cloth that had been wet first with mild soap.
• Wipe again with a dry clean cloth or towel.
• Wait for several minutes or hours to get the furniture dries completely.

Fight Squeaking Sound of Rattan Furniture

Rattan furniture will dried-out and even crack after several years. Dried-out furniture can cause the rattan furniture gets squeaking. The squeaking appears when you are sitting on a rattan chair or sofa. Of course, the creaking sound is annoying. To avoid rattan furniture gets the creaking sound, follow these useful ways:
• Keep it moist. To get the furniture keep moist, you need to clean it at least once a week. Clean it with a wet enough cloth. Remember that too much water can cause the rattan furniture mildew.
• Recover and Protect. Most of the finished rattan furniture protected with a protective coating after the manufacturing process. This protective coat probably fades after a long time of use, especially under the direct sunlight. Use a natural lubricant such as lemon oil or boiled linseed oil after you clean the furniture, it is once a week, or you can apply a new coat of varnish.
So, maintaining rattan furniture is not as complicated as you think. Thus, rattan furniture is a good solution for your home. See our product and contact us to know more.

Tripolar Furniture is rattan furniture exporter from Cirebon , Indonesia .Tripolar Furniture only sell in container volume to other country. For maintenance of rattan furniture in your country, you can contact your nearest rattan furniture shop in your area.

Rattan Furniture Maintenance

Rattan Furniture Maintenance