Rattan furniture business always produce new trend to make the business grows. Now one of important innovation to make furniture customer loves rattan more is using material called koboo rattan. This is a new kind material that having a strong quality and the most thing is that this rattan material is having beautiful color, and the color is grey. Rattan furniture customers, especially from Holland, France and Belgium loves furniture made from kobo rattan material. Koboo rattan become so popular because it is having special characteristic, Koboo rattan is made from rattan skin and having beautiful grey color. This color is made from the soaking process, so after the rattan skin is cut, the rattan skin will be soaked in the mud to make the grey color y effect, that is why sometimes you will find mud smell if the furniture is not finished properly.

Koboo rattan is very strong material, you can compare this with other material, as the material is very hard and also the koboo rattan. The benefits of using kobo rattan are you can have strong furniture and also you don’t have to give color finished as it is having beautiful color already. Koboo rattan furniture lovers, like koboo rattan furniture because the natural look of this rattan furniture.

Tripolar Furniture has also items made from this kobo rattan material. You can find dining chair, living room sets, tables, beds, and accessories made form kobo rattan material.

For any further information regarding furniture made form kobo rattan, please contact us or visit our factory in Cirebon, we will glad to have you in our factory and showroom.