Be Careful When Choosing Rattan Furniture Exporters

There are many rattan furniture exporters Indonesia you can find or search in google search. However you have to be careful when you want to place order with them. You may have heard that some buyers get dissappointed by indonesian exporter. Some because the quality is poor, some because the delivery is so late and a few the exporter gone away with the buyers money.
Therefore you have to be careful with the list you get from Google.
You might be better to visit the company directly so you can be sure whether the company is real or not. And by visiting them you can be sure you know the owner of the company directly.

Use 3rd Party Inspection

If you do not have time to visit Indonesia, you can ask your friend or your current supplier to check the company for you. However if this is the first time you order furniture from Indonesia, you can ask 3rd party entity to check the company for you. One of the company you can ask is Furniture Inspect. You can ask this 3rd party to send the picture of the company, the staff and they can check your order for you. This is very helpful for the importer that do not have to go to Indonesia for every time they place order.

Tripolar Furniture , One Of Rattan Furniture Exporters Indonesia

Tripolar Furniture is one of the rattan furniture exporter Indonesia that you can trust. Buying from Tripolar Furniture you can be sure you will get your furniture the right quality in the right time. Tripolar has been in the industry since 2007. Not many companies has been in the industry for this long time.
Tripolar Furniture also joined the Furniture Association which is HIMKI (Himpunan Industri Mebel dan Kerajinan Indonesia)

We hope you can be our partner in furniture business and grow together with us
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Tripolar Furniture

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