Cirebon is a city located in West Java Province. It is near the border of West Java Province with the Border of Central Java Province. This city is also located in the north part of Java which is well known as Pantura (Pantai Utara Jawa or North Beach of Java). The Pantura road is connected Cities in North Part of Java islands such as Jakarta , Semarang until Surabaya city. The Cirebon word means Caruban or United because the people stay in Cirebon were from different ethnics such as Sundanese, Javanese, Chinese, Arabs, etc
Cirebon is well known for some major products. Batik Cirebon is the most famous item. There are many Batik shops located in Trusmi, the central of Batik Artists. Cirebon also known as the traditional food city. You can find Empal Gentong, Nasi Jamblang, Nasi Lengko, Mie Koclok as the major food from Cirebon. And one more thing you can name as the icon from Cirebon city is the Rattan Furniture industry. The rattan industry in cirebon is the largest now in Indonesia.
As the city of the largess Rattan Industry in Indonesia, therefore you can find many Rattan Furniture Exporters in Cirebon. There are more than 200 companies of rattan furniture exporters from Cirebon. Most of their products are exported worldwide. The number of furniture sent by containers per month are around 700 containers. But still this number is low compare the number of containers sent each month in 2015 which can reach 3500 containers per month.
Buyer who visit Indonesia that looking for rattan furniture should come to Cirebon. Cirebon is still the city that host most of rattan furniture exporters in Indonesia. And now it is easy to find the exporter. You can search to Google and many company already post their location in Google maps. So there is no difficulty in finding the exporter eventhoug this is the first time you come to Indonesia or Cirebon.
One of the company you can visit is CV Tripolar. This company can make rattan furniture both from natural or synthetic rattan. The company can make custom design for you order. You can also order mix container in 1 x 40 ft order. The price is considerable average to most of the rattan suppliers. So why don’t you try to visit our company. We hope we can have mutually beneficial cooperation with our clients.

Rattan Furniture Exporters Cirebon
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