Rattan Furniture Cirebon is the best place where you can find rattan furniture suppliers and exporters in the world. Many small, medium, and big companies producing rattan both natural and synthetic in this small town located in Eastern Part of West Java Province. Cirebon is already famous for other crafts item such as Batik and Wicker crafts. So no wonder Cirebon also become the largest supplier of Rattan Furniture since the craftsman and wickerman are available in good number.

Rattan furniture is still loved by many people because of these characters :
– Rattan is natural material. Furniture from natural material is still warm when you place them in cold area. Unlike metal or non natural material, the rattan feels warmer than non natural material. That is why people in cold area such as Russia, Norway like rattan furniture
– Rattan material is flexible unlike the wood material. The maker of rattan furniture can bend, design the rattan chair in complicated and stylish design. Therefore the design of the rattan chair can be change from year to year. People do not feel bored of the rattan furniture design
– Rattan furniture is lighter than wood or metal furniture. This light characteristic made easy for moms and ladies to arrange the furniture as they wish. Unlike the wooden and metal furniture, ladies needs help from men to arrange their homes.
– Rattan is eco-friendly material. Rattan is a palm tree that grows around other tree. Rattan tree need other trees to support its stems to reach higher surface. Rattan can grow fast and most of them are naturally grown. Therefore rattan is renewable resources as long as the forest still exist. Unlike the other wood material that needs more than 10 years to grow back until harvesting time, rattan grows faster. So we personally think people should buy rattan furniture rather than other material furniture.

Eventhough Cirebon is not the place where rattan grows, the infrastructure, the man power makes Cirebon the largest of the suppliers for Rattan furniture. One of the company that export natural and synthetic rattan furniture is CV Tripolar. They can make custom design from clients as well. So, next time you want to find reliable rattan suppliers for your company needs, you can contact Tripolar Furniture
Rattan Furniture Cirebon