Rattan furniture Indonesia is the finest rattan furniture in the world because most of rattan material grow in Indonesia. More than 80 % rattan grow in tropical forest in Indonesia. The 3 big islands where the rattan grow are Sumatera, Kalimantan and Sulawesi. Each island has its own unique rattan material. For example , Slimit rattan is from Sumatera island for example. Rattan Kubu comes from Kalimantan island, and Rattan Batang grows in Sulawesi island. Each material can be desigend for Beautiful peace of furniture.

Eventhough the rattan material grows outside java island, however the center for rattan industry still lies on Java Island. The reason behind this phenomena is that Java Island still provide the best infrastructure for rattan industry to grow. Several cities to mention as the center of rattan industry are Cirebon, Solo and Surabaya. However , Cirebon untill now is the biggest rattan industry area in Indonesia. Therefore many rattan buyers come to Cirebon to search for rattan furniture suppliers.

Cirebon is located on the North East part of West Java Province. The distance between Cirebon and Jakarta city is around 220 km. You can reach Cirebon either by car or train. By car it can take 2.5 – 3 hours depend on the traffic. By train you can reach Cirebon 3 hours from Jakarta. There are two type of train ticket class : Executive and Economy class. Both are now Air Conditioned. However for more comfortable and reclining seat, you need to choose Executive class.

There are many good hotels in Cirebon like Aston Hotel, Luxton Hote, Hotel Santika, Ibis Budget, etc. More hotels are in process of building since Cirebon become more popular for business destination. Beside well known for its rattan industry, Cirebon is also famous for its Batik industry, cement industry, oil and gas, food and culinary, tourism, etc. Cirebon also becomes center of goods distribution in West Java Province.

There are more than 200 rattan companies in Cirebon you can find. One of them is Tripolar Furniture which is located in Tegalwangi Area, one of the center district for rattan industry. Tripolar can produce both natural and synthetic rattan. They accept also mix order container. This is good for small retail store. Tripolar also accept custom design from its customer, so buyer can order whatever type of customer they want to order and good for them. We hope you enjoy your trip in Cirebon.

Rattan Furniture indonesia