Peacock Chair Exporters

How to find Peacock Chair Exporters?

Peacock chair is a chair, usually made from natural rattan, and the shape of the back reat resembles the shape of the peacock’s tail. Below is example of the peacock chair and Peacock tail shape
Peacock chair
Peacock Tail

You can see the resemblance of the shape of the Peacock chair with Peacock Tail’s shape. The origin of the peacock chair may be originated from Philippine because Philippine is the pioneer of the rattan chair producer in Asia. West European traders brought the chairs to Europe during the colonialism era. After then some traders also brought the chair to USA.

The peacock chair then get the highest popularity during the 1960’s and the 1970’s when in some Hollywood movies use peacock chair as its properties. Some Hollywood celebrities have the chairs in their homes and when they took picture for magazines, they use the peacock chair as the property also. Some famous names have been photographed sitting in a Peacock chair are Brigitte Bardot, Elisabeth Taylor, Bette Davis, Diana Ross, James Brown, and Julio Iglesias

The peacock chair also was shown in the famous American television series, The Addams Family , from the 1960s. One of the cast , Morticia Adams, had unique peacock chair which was different with other chair. Therefore the chair was also known as Morticia Addams Chair. In France, the chair was used in an Erotic Movie , the 1974 Film “Emanuelle” . So this is why in France Peacock chair is also known as Emanuelle Chair.
Morticia Addams Chair
In Indonesia Peacock chair is also known as Kursi Raja or direct translation is King Chair . It comes from the the shape of the chair as a throne chair. Also the peacock chair is called the Merak Chair from its direct translation of Peacock Bird which mean Merak Bird in Indonesia. Now the producer of Peacock chairs mostly come from Indonesia. And the central industry of this kind of chairs is in Cirebon west Java Province.So , if you want to import Peacock chairs you should go to Cirebon, Happy hunting !