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Where can you find rattan furniture manufacturers ?

Rattan furniture manufacturers are companies that manufacture rattan cane furniture. There are few countries manufacture rattan cane furniture such as Indonesia, Vietnam, and Malaysia. But still the biggest producer of rattan cane furniture is from Indonesia. How come Indonesia is the biggest exporter of rattan cane furniture ? There reason is because more than 80 % of rattan trees grow in Indonesia. In fact rattan tree is not consumed for furniture material only, but it is also consumed as food for some Indonesian people.

Rattan cane furniture has been used by Indonesian for long time ago. In ancient time, Indonesian people use rattan cane for making basket to bring food or fruit. And then people start using rattan for household items such as chair, table, carpet, and others. Rattan furniture then was traded locally. The Dutch and Portuguese soldiers then brought rattan furniture to their country. And not long then Indonesia has been well known as one of rattan producer in the western world. Starting in 1980s the rattan cane furniture export grow rapidly as the government support export oriented products.

Rattan trees grow in 3 big islands : Sumatera, Kalimantan and Sulawesi. Although the rattan cane material grows outside java island, however the center for rattan industry is still located in Java Island. The reason behind this fact is that Java Island still provides the best infrastructure for any industry including rattan industry to develop. There are Several cities to mention as the center of rattan industry are Solo, Cirebon and Surabaya. Interestingly , Cirebon untill now is the biggest rattan industry area in Indonesia. Consequently many rattan buyers come to Cirebon to search for rattan furniture suppliers.

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Cirebon lies on the North East part of West Java Province. The distance between Jakarta and Cirebon city is around 200 km. You can go to Cirebon either by car or train from Jakarta. By car it takes 2.5 – 3 hours depend on the traffic. By train you can reach Cirebon 3 hours from Jakarta. There are two type of train ticket class : Executive and Economy class. Both are now Air Conditioned. However for more comfortable and reclining seat, you need to choose Executive class. We hope you find rattan furniture manufacturers in Cirebon.