Bahama Sofa Living set is a popular living set made from natural rattan made by Cirebon supplier in West Java Indonesia. This sofa is popular because the model is simple yet they are very comfortable to sit in. The loadibility for this living set in 1 x 40 ft container is 160 sets including cushion. So this item is very economical and save money to buy for.
Actually Bahama Living set design is a classic design. Now only Eastern Europe country who buy this item. Maybe for Western Europe buyer this model is way too old. However for customers in Eastern Europe, this designs still sells well. Russia is the biggest country that import this model. Some Indonesian factories try to remodel this item, but the classic Bahama still the best seller.
Some people call this sofa as Bahama sofa, other call it Bagama sofa and some others call it Cepon Chair. There is no clear history why people call this sofa Bahama. There is no link that this sofa with Bahama Island. Maybe the first person who name this chair used coincidentally Bahama as the name of the sofa.
CV Tripolar also produces Bahama Sofa Living Set. The main frame uses 26-28 mm diameter rattan poles. The colour you can choose from cognac, walnut, dark brown, coffee, white, and many other colour. The cushion you can choose from Ebony fabric, Kapok, Matador , Twill, Blacu and many other.Therefore for rattan furniture importers that want to buy Bahama Sofa Living set can contact us at

Bahama Sofa Living Set