Strandkorb Chair Exporters are producer or manufacturer of special chair that is called Strandkorb. Strandkorb is a special hooded windbreak seating furniture used at beach or seaside resorts, It is constructed from natural or synthetic rattan wicker, wood panels and canvas. The seating can be for one person or up to two person, with reclining backrests. The chair is designed to provide comfort seating and shelter from wind, rain, sand gusts and sunburn on beach seafront resorts or pool side. Other built-in feautures are extendable footrests, sun awning, side folding tables and storage space, providing the user with comforts.
Strandkorb Chair in Indonesia is called also Becak Chair. The shape of the chair is similar with the Becak, the traditional tricycle , mean of transportation in Indonesia. That is why Indonesian call Strandkorb as Becak chair. Below is the picture of Becak Chair and Strandkorb. You can see the similarity of both items.
Strandkorb Chair

Strandkorb are originally from Germany and majority of export goes to German Importers.Therefore the world know Strandkorb comes from Germany. However the majority of Strandkorb comes from Indonesia. And to be more specific, majority strandkorb comes from Cirebon city
CV Tripolar can also produces Strandkorb chair. The company can make the strandkorb from natural or synthetic rattan. The main frame can be from teak wood or mahogany wood. And the fabric used for the cushion could use indoor or waterproof fabric. For more information of the Strandkorb chair you can contact us