House is a building functioned as a residence for its residents. Thus, a house designed in various shape and pattern to be comfortable to stay. A comfortable house can not be separated from various furniture that completed the house. Best-chosen furniture reflects the idea of its residents. Nowadays, the furniture comes up with a various model, start from classic to modern design.
Furniture is a home fitting such as chairs, table, cupboard, etc. Furniture can be made by various material such as wood, metal, and even rattan. Many people from various countries are looking for rattan furniture. Rattan furniture itself made by the rattan wood or tree. Rattan tree only grows in a tropical country, especially in Indonesia. Indonesia has many islands. The top 3 islands that become a place where rattan tree grow are Sumatra, Kalimantan, and Sulawesi. Each island has a different kind of rattan wood. For example, Slimit rattan grows in Sumatra island, Kubu rattan grows in Kalimantan island, and Batang rattan grows in Sulawesi island.
In this modern era, rattan furniture goes popular through the world. One of the biggest areas of the rattan industry is Cirebon that located in the North-East part of West Java Province, Indonesia. Rattan furniture becomes popular because of its superiority in contrast with other material. Moreover, rattan furniture has unique shape and pattern, and also they are environmentally friendly because they made by natural material. Furthermore, these are seven superiorities of rattan furniture, as follows:
1. Rattan furniture is cheaper than other furniture
In contrast with other furniture made of solid wood, rattan furniture is cheaper than wood furniture. It is because rattan still easily get and the amount of rattan tree is much higher than other solid wood such as a teak tree. Teak tree is a kind of plant that needs more than 15 years to grow old, because it is an ideal both size and quality of teak wood that worth to be formed become a piece of furniture.
2. Lightweight
Rattan furniture has a lower weight than wood or other material furniture because it used rattan which has a slender plant stem. The diameter itself around 2-5 cm. In contrast with other wood, such as teak wood. Teak wood furniture made by a block of thick teak wood, so that it can be good quality furniture.
3. Serves Classic Ethnic Nuances
Rattan furniture has a simple design. Its pattern has its uniqueness and sometimes does not need a complex shape, pattern or carving anymore. Rattan furniture serves you nuances of classical ethnic. It is suitable for you who love nature and natural material.
4. Strong
The strength of rattan furniture is better than other wood furniture. It is because rattan wood is not easily rotten and moldy. For example, rattan chairs or rattan living set are strong to hold the load of adults.
5. Durable
Rattan furniture is also durable and easy to care for. You only have to clean them from a particle of dust.
6. Easily formed
You can customize your design of rattan furniture. It is because rattan wood can be easily formed to various shape.
7. Rattan furniture can be designed as a modern look
Besides its classical look, rattan furniture can also become a modern-look design. You need to apply modern colors to your customization design, such as pastel colors or minimalist colors.

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