Rattan furniture is the best-chosen furniture for your home. It serves classical nuances for your home. Rattan furniture is also flexible. It can be either an indoor or outdoor furniture depends on your desire.
Good furniture can be long-lasting depends on how its owner treats their furniture. Besides rattan furniture consists of natural material, which as we know the biggest enemies for any kinds of furniture made by natural material are fungi and termite. You might be thought that to care for rattan furniture are quiet hard and even complicated.
Now, you do not have to worry anymore about how to care for rattan furniture. Here are 5 easy ways to care for your rattan furniture:
Clean it once a week
You might not know what activities that have been done to your furniture. Especially, if you placed them outside your house. There will be many-particle of dust stick to your furniture. So, clean your rattan furniture once a week to keep them clean and comfortable to use by using a piece of dry cloth. Do not use water, because it will make rattan furniture mildew. You can also use a vacuum cleaner to clean it overall.
Do not place rattan furniture outside the room
Outside the room here means garden. Avoid direct contact between your rattan furniture and sand. It may be causing a termite climbs up to your furniture. Unless your rattan furniture made by rattan synthetic, it is suitable to be placed outside the room.
Place it in a cool area
Avoid direct contact between rattan furniture and the sunlight, because it will make a color of your furniture fades rapidly and it will go pale. So, your furniture is no longer beautiful.
Repaint your rattan furniture
Do not worry if the color of your rattan furniture fades after several years. You can repaint your rattan furniture to keep the beauty of your furniture. You can also change the color whatever you want. First, you have to clear the previous color of your furniture, then you can repaint your furniture with the color that you want.
Tidy up the stringy fibers with scissors
After several years, the rattan material of rattan furniture grows old. It will cause rattan wicker becomes stringy. You do not have to peel them because it can make your rattan furniture damaged. You only have to tidy up the stringy fibers with scissors, so it will still look tidy and good-looking.