The rapid development of the rattan industry in the world made increasingly large rattan export competition. Rattan furniture exporters come from various countries such as Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, and many other countries in the Asian continent. However, Indonesia claimed as the biggest rattan exporters and rattan industry in the world.
Since a lot of foreigners interest with rattan furniture that uses natural rattan material, they keep choosing Indonesia as their business destination of rattan furniture. Indonesia produced almost 85% rattan furniture in the world so far in contrast with other Asian countries. It is because rattan tree thrives in the big four provinces of Indonesia such as Sulawesi, Kalimantan, Sumatra, and Papua.
Although rattan plants grow in Sulawesi, Kalimantan, Sumatra, and Papua, the central rattan industry of rattan furniture is located in Cirebon, West Java Province. Cirebon has become a central rattan industry for many decades. The rattan furniture export business grows rapidly as the government support export-oriented products in the 1980s.
Tegal Wangi and Plumbon districts of Cirebon are popular with its rattan industry. Many companies who became exporters of rattan furniture from Cirebon. Most of the companies export their product to Europe, Australia, America, Middle East countries, etc. Although many countries run a business as an exporter of rattan furniture, the quality of Indonesian rattan furniture is beyond doubt, because Indonesia uses pure rattan rods to make a furniture and rattan trees are exclusively from Indonesia. Meanwhile, other countries produced rattan furniture uses synthetic rattan.
One of the companies that export rattan furniture is Tripolar Furniture. It is located in Jl. Nyi Mas Wanawati No. 12, Tegalwangi village, Cirebon, West Java, Indonesia. This company provides various rattan furniture such as chairs, tables, dining sets, living sets, baskets, rocking chairs, mirrors, bookshelves, and vice versa depending on your wishes. You can also customize your furniture design whatever you want.
Tegal Wangi village claimed as a tourism village of rattan industry. So, it can be a proper business destination for you who will spend a holiday in Indonesia especially in Cirebon. In this village, you will see there are many both home industries and companies that produced rattan furniture and rattan accessories. You can also buy either rattan accessories or furniture from there and they will be a unique souvenir for your lovely family at home. Do not leave any rattan goods behind if you visit Cirebon.