What comes to mind when you think about rocking chairs? A seat for the elderly? Have you ever think why many elderly prefer to use a rocking chair than another ordinary chair? You don’t have to waste your time to think about it. What you have to know is, what is rocking chair itself? and where you can find rocking chairs, especially rattan rocking chairs? Here are what we would like to tell about.
Cited from Wikipedia, a rocking chair or rocker is a type of chair with two curved bands (also known as rockers) attached to the bottom of the legs, connecting the legs on each side to each other. The rockers contact the floor at only two points, giving the occupant the ability to rock back and forth by shifting their weight or pushing lightly with their feet. Rocking chairs are most commonly made of wood.
Nowadays, rocking chairs can be made by other materials such as rattan, plastic, metal, etc. Rattan manufacturers take advantage of this opportunity. They also produce rocking chairs made by rattan. Since rattan furniture goes popular throughout the world, rattan manufacturers always try to create various furniture or accessories made by rattan. They do not only produce classic rattan chairs. They also produce rattan chairs for kids with animals shape such as horse, elephant, etc.
Rattan rocking chairs are also similar to wooden rocking chairs. However, rattan rocking chairs has its uniqueness and they are lighter than wooden rocking chairs. Although the use of rattan rocking chairs by Indonesian people relatively small, a lot of foreigners prefer to use rattan rocking chairs. Thus, there are many Indonesian rattan manufacturers export their rocking chairs to other countries.
Rattan rocking chair can be used for relaxing our body. You can also keep it either inside or outside the room. Maybe you need to keep it in a fresh area, so you can enjoy your spare time well. While sitting on your rocking chairs, you can also read a book or listen to music. Most of the elderly are knitting a cloth while sitting on the rocking chair. If you have a baby and have a problem to make your baby easy to sleep, you can use a rocking chair with your baby. It will make your baby easy to fall asleep because it makes your baby more relax and calm.
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