Most of the people interest in rocking chairs because of their unique shape and pattern. It is also because of the rocking chairs give vintage nuances. When do rocking chairs found? And how do rocking chairs made firstly?
Cited from Utility website, unsurprisingly, rocking chairs have been around for quite some time, with the first dating back to 1710, and was created by attaching two ice skates to the bottom of a regular chair. However, the trend didn’t take off until about 75 years later, even nowadays rocking chairs come up with various design made by various material. One of them is rocking chairs made by natural rattan.
Many of the rocking chairs we see today are single-seaters, but back then they were often designed for more than one person. They were quickly recognized as having positive effects on health and were used in places such as hospitals and other health care facilities.
As we know rocking chairs have several positive effects on our health, we don’t have to think a lot whether we must have one in our home or not? Definitely, we must. Rattan rocking chairs are a good option. Check these out to know more about the health benefits of rattan rocking chairs:
Rocking is Relaxing
First and foremost, rocking is relaxing. It releases endorphins in the brain which can improve mood and reduce stress and pain. Nowadays, it is not only used at people’s house, hospitals, and health care facilities. It is also used at airports around the US to help travelers unwind from the stressful and fast-paced environment of busy airports.
Battle Arthritis and Back Pain
Arthritis and back pain can be debilitating conditions, but did you know that using a rocking chair may be able to help? It’s even said that former US President John F Kennedy used to use a rocking chair to ease his back pain. Using a rocking chair increases blood flow around the body, thus sending more oxygen to the joints, which can help ease the symptoms of Arthritis. The slight physical exertion of rocking also helps to build up strength and flexibility in the knees, whilst the act of rocking helps prevent pain signals from traveling from the back to the brain. Since the shape of rattan rocking chair is flexible and its surface is not too hard as solid wood. Rattan rocking chair also completed with cushion. It makes your back more comfortable.
Fight Insomnia
Perhaps you are one of the people who have a problem to get sleep easily. Insomnia is an unpleasant condition. As we know, we need our body to take a rest after all-day activities. Whereas, people who have insomnia can not take a rest well because they have a little time to rest due to insomnia. Insomnia will affect other health bodies. Having a rattan rocking chair in your home is a good solution. Rattan rocking chair can help you sleep easily.