Indonesia as a country which is located on the equator has a very lush tropical forest. Many kinds of plants are growing in this forest. One of them is rattan plants, and even almost 90% rattan plants of the world grow in the tropical forest of Indonesia.
It can not be doubted that rattan plants become the source of life for many Indonesia citizens. For example, in Cirebon, West Java. Besides its popularity of shrimp and Trusmi Batik, Cirebon is also the center of Indonesia’s rattan industry. It is located in Tegalwangi village, Weru district, Cirebon, there is Galmantro Rattan Tourism Village. Most people of this village work as a rattan craftsman.
Cited from Koran website, there are 90% of 10.000 Tegalwangi citizens work in the rattan industry. Most of them are a craftsman that join into subsector. They process raw materials into semi-finished products. After that, they sent their semi-finished products to the company. The company gathers all the products, then the finishing process is carried out.
The role of the company is to find a buyer, especially a foreign buyer. Most of rattan company in Cirebon export their products to the world. The company will contact a subsector if there is a buyer who wants to buy rattan products. After that, the craftsman made rattan products based on the company’s order.
All of the production processes at this center of the rattan industry are handmade. Starting from processing raw materials, cutting materials, forming patterns, uniting patterns or frames, frame assembly, to decoration. The company also do quality control before the products send to the buyer. After that, the best rattan products or furniture are ready to be market throughout the world.
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