The process of making furniture can not be separated from its material that chosen to produce a product of furniture. Rattan furniture uses rattan materials. Most of the rattan manufacturers use processed materials. Some of them use natural or synthetic rattan or even both. Of course, there are many considerations in choosing what are materials that suited to be made as furniture.
Tripolar Furniture mostly used natural rattan to make a piece of furniture. Our company has a purpose to make natural and eco-friendly furniture. In addition, many international buyers fall in love with furniture made by natural rattan materials.
Here are some natural rattan materials that we use:
Kooboo Grey (Kubu Grey / Kooboo Rattan) Materials
Kooboo Grey or Kooboo rattan is a rattan skin that has been soaked in the mud for few days to get the color of rattan skin change into grey color and sometimes light tan color. Kooboo rattan is available in sizes 6-8 mm, 8-10 mm, 10-12 mm, 16-19 mm. It can be worked into a large basket and any kinds of rattan furniture and accessories. Most of the furniture made by Kooboo rattan does not have to paint because they already have a natural color and the color is beautiful.
Croco Rattan Materials
Croco Rattan comes from the outer rattan skin. It has a dark brown color. Its cut is bigger than Kooboo grey. It is also suitable to be made either as a big living set or dining room. This material is also strong and flexible. You can customize your own weaving and color of your furniture.
Natural Rattan Peel Materials
Rattan peel also comes from rattan skin. It is different from Croco rattan because it has a thinner piece of peeling. The color of rattan peel is lighter than Croco rattan. It has a yellow complexion color. It has sizes around 2-3 mm. Rattan peel materials usually use to be made as a lampshade, chair, a weaving of chair-seat, a node binder, etc.
Tripolar provides any kinds of furniture made by various materials such as mentioned above. For further information, you can contact us. We will glad if you want to visit our manufacture and showroom to see our products more.