Rattan is a climbing vine-like plant. It is a member of the palm family and more than 600 species are known. It has strong, solid stalks that grow around 2-5 cm in diameter and the leaves have long whip-like barbed tips that serve as a support system for the plants to grow and climb over trees and other plants toward the sunlight in the tropical forest. The long slender stems grow very fast and they are quickly replenished after harvested.
The majority of the world’s rattans are found in Indonesia’s forests, it is about 70% of the world’s rattan, and distributed in the jungles of Kalimantan, Sulawesi and Sumatera, with the rest of the world’s supply provided by the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and Bangladesh. Rattan is a material that has been around for centuries and popular for indoor and outdoor furniture. Many people use rattan furniture to complete their household stuff. Besides its use as a material to make furniture and handicrafts, rattan has other advantages or benefits that are unknown by many people, as follows:
Perhaps you will think over and over about this idea that rattan can be delicious food. Who knows if rattan becomes a traditional food of one of the Province in Indonesia. Yes, it is a traditional food from Palangkaraya city of Central Kalimantan. It is called Umbut Rattan Soup. The rattan that uses for making this food is a young rattan stem because it has a soft and tender stem. The stem that taken from rattan is the core stem. The surface and the skin of the rattan is not needed. This food is usually served with catfish or parrotfish. This food has a little bit of bitter taste but it is also savory.
Red Resin of Rattan
Some rattan plants produced a red resin that called a dragon’s blood. This resin has many benefits, one of them is as medicinal properties. It is believed by the native of Kalimantan. It also can be used as a dye for violins. As the violins have a specific color, the red resin of rattan is suitable for coloring the violins.
As a Shelter or Gazebo
Some rural areas used rattan as a material to build a shelter or a gazebo and even a house. It is suitable to be placed in the garden. It will make your garden has more natural nuances. Its strength of rattan shelter or gazebo cannot be doubt. You can also complete the rattan gazebo with any rattan accessories to make it more beautiful.
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