The popularity of rattan furniture in the world can not be doubted. This kind of furniture claimed as strong and durable furniture. There are also many advantages to using rattan furniture as furniture at the house.
The flexibility of rattan furniture becomes one of the advantages that taken by many people who chose rattan furniture to be their furniture. A lot of people also interest in the shape of rattan furniture that can be easily modified depending on their desire.
Most people may think that the use of rattan furniture only as household furniture. However, rattan furniture can be used also in several places because they are suitable to use with various design interior. So, where are the places that rattan furniture can be used except at the house? Check these out to know more!
Many hotels use rattan furniture as their furniture. we usually can found rattan furniture at the lobby of the hotel, dining room at the hotel, garden, etc. The use of rattan furniture at the hotel makes the hotel looks more relaxing. As the visitors of the hotel are mostly foreigners, the use of rattan furniture will make foreigners know more about this Indonesian furniture. Most hotels choose rattan furniture as their furniture because of its classical-but-minimalist design.
Swimming Pool Area
Have you ever think what if swimming pool area without any lounge? It will be bored anyway. A good and comfortable lounge will complete your lovely swimming pool area. A rattan lounge can be a good option for you because it is durable and have a lightweight. As the swimming pool area is an outdoor area, the suitable rattan lounge can be a synthetic rattan lounge. Besides its durability and strength, synthetic rattan lounge also weather resistance. If there is a contact between lounge and water, so it will not make the synthetic rattan lounge goes mildew.
Cafe or Restaurant
Rattan furniture is also used at the cafe or the restaurant. The restaurant usually uses rattan dining set or tables. Whereas, the cafe usually use rattan dining set and rattan bar stools to complete the furniture of the cafe. A cafe that uses rattan furniture is often a modern cafe that has a specific theme such as a natural and eco-friendly cafe, vintage cafe, etc.
Tripolar furniture provides any kind of furniture that you want to apply in certain places like in one of those three places above. For further design inspiration, you can either see our products or contact us.