First and foremost, hanging chairs are interesting furniture. Besides its unique shape, this item also has an important role. It is to give you a comfortable place to take a rest in your spare time. This item is also suitable for a minimalist house because you only need to hang it on the ceiling or keep it on the floor with a small space.
Hanging chairs can be made of many materials. There are wooden hanging chairs, metal hanging chairs, and the most hunted hanging chair is rattan hanging chair. Since rattan furniture goes popular throughout the world, rattan manufacturers take this advantage to make this item. Surprisingly, this item also becomes popular in the world because of its several benefits like in the previous paragraph said before.
If you have chosen this item as one of the furniture in your home, so you might be thinking of how the first step or how to set this item properly. Now, you don’t have to worry because we will give you the steps and tips on how to set the rattan hanging chairs. The followings are the steps and tips that you can follow:
Set It In The Shady Place
As rattan hanging chair is usually made by natural rattan material, the shady place is an appropriate place. It will keep the quality of your rattan hanging chair. So, the first step is choosing your favorite place especially the shady place like in your bedroom or your mini-library and etc. You can also keep it in the porch, but in one condition that your porch is a shady place. After that, prepare your set of rattan hanging chair. When we buy rattan hanging chair, it is usually in the form of a separate frame so we must rearrange and set them into a finished hanging chair. The hanging chair comes with stainless steel hardware in the package including stainless steel pad-screw or ceiling hook, spring snap hooks, expansion screws and ordinary screws.
The Steps in Setting the Rattan Hanging Chair
• The first step set the stainless steel pad-screw or ceiling hook on the ceiling.
• Then, set the spring snap hook.
• After all done, you can add the chains depend on your desire.
• Finally, you can set your rattan hanging chair. Don’t forget to add the cushion also to make your rattan hanging chair perfectly comfortable.
Take The Attention of Your Hanging Chair Material
You need to make sure about what material your hanging chair comes from. Rattan material also has two kinds of rattan. The pure natural rattan and synthetic rattan. Synthetic rattan materials are mostly used by many manufacturers because of the difficulties to get a natural rattan. If rattan hanging chair that you bought is made by synthetic rattan, so it is suitable to keep outside your house such as in the garden, swimming pool area, and etc. The maintenance of synthetic rattan hanging chair is similar to other synthetic rattan furniture.
If you interested in rattan hanging chair and want to have your own design, you only need to contact us for making your dream of having a good and beautiful rattan hanging chair comes true.