Rattan cane is the stem of various climbing palms of the genus Calamus and related genera. Perhaps many of you think that rattan cane only can be made as a walking cane for the elderly. In fact, many rattan furniture manufacturers use rattan cane for making an item of furniture. A piece of furniture made from rattan cane has its unique shape. Rattan cane furniture also has several advantages. One of the advantages itself is rattan cane has great flexibility. Its flexibility makes rattan canes are easy to be formed and bent into various shape and pattern.
Rattan cane is also used as a framework of the wicker. Other than that, rattan cane furniture has two kinds of the frame that hold the structure of the cane. There are rattan stem frame and aluminum or metal frame. The differences in the frame use aim to give different nuances, but also it depends on customer’s satisfaction. You can customized rattan cane furniture design based on your desire.
Rattan cane furniture is a good option to become furniture that completes your house. The unique shape of rattan cane furniture will not make you feel bored. Although rattan cane furniture made by hard rattan cane, rattan cane furniture is also comfortable because it is usually completed with cushion.
Tripolar Furniture produces many kinds of chairs, tables, sets of a coffee table, terrace sets, and many others made from the best quality of rattan cane. The followings are kind of furniture that can be your option in choosing both classical aesthetic and affordable furniture.
Rattan Cane Sofa
Rattan cane sofa is a good idea to be furniture. It is comfortable because it completed with a thick cushion.
Rattan Cane Bench
Rattan cane bench is suitable to use both indoors and outdoors. You can place it on the porch or in the terrace near your garden and even in the swimming pool area. You will have a perfect bench to sit on when you are in free time if you have this item in your house.
Papasan Chair
This kind of chair is usually used for relaxing. You can place it in your bedroom or your other favorite places. You also will feel comfortable while reading a book on this chair.
Rattan Cane Bar Stool
This item is suitable to be placed in the kitchen. The design of this item looks more classic and minimalist. Most of this item use metal framing.