When you want to buy furniture, rattan furniture can be a good choice that will be suited to any kind of rooms or spaces of your house. Nowadays, no one who does not know what does rattan furniture looks like.
Have you ever think what makes rattan furniture so popular? The popularity of rattan furniture throughout the world can not be doubted. For the record, rattan furniture is kind of furniture made from rattan material. It usually used either natural rattan or synthetic rattan material. Both of them have their own characteristic that makes them popular.
Another fact about rattan furniture is the material that uses by rattan furniture manufacturers, which is rattan, it comes from Indonesia. Rattan plants are mostly grown in Indonesia although there are several tropical countries have rattan plants.
Indonesia has many rattan furniture manufacturers and exporters. The export activity becomes one of the reason why does rattan furniture become so popular. Besides its export activity, there are some reasons that make rattan furniture is popular throughout the world and known by most people in many countries.
Here are 5 reasons why rattan furniture is popular. After you read all of these, watch yourself. You will fall in love with rattan furniture.
Stylish Design
Rattan furniture has also stylish design besides its classical look. Most of rattan furniture design has a special characteristic such as woven texture and unique shape, without any doubt they can attract every customer. The stylish and unique design is suitable for any kind of interior design.
Since rattan furniture made from rattan material whether natural or synthetic one, it makes rattan furniture has a lightweight. Moreover, the lightweight of rattan furniture makes it a versatile piece of furniture that works with spaces of all types and styles in most locations whether if it’s indoors or outdoors such as in the pool area, garden, or dining room, etc.
The Advantage of being light and strong
Although rattan furniture has a lightweight, it can not be said that rattan furniture is not strong and sturdy. In fact, rattan furniture is stronger than other material furniture. Because of its lightweight, it easy to move every time we want to change the position of the furniture.
Easy to Maintain
Every furniture must have a well-maintenance in order to keep the quality of the furniture. Most of the furniture has a complicated way of maintenance. In contrast with other furniture, rattan furniture has low maintenance. It is easy to care for rattan furniture. You only need to clean them once a week with a vacuum cleaner or wet-enough cloth.
Plentiful of Design Types
Without any further due, we already know that rattan is flexible. The flexibility of rattan makes it can be bend into various shape. That is why rattan furniture sometimes has a various design with a complex pattern. Thus, you can take advantage of that. You can freely customize your furniture design depend on your desire.
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