Rattan furniture is known by many people because of its durability. However, we can not predict how long will rattan furniture last. It is important to keep in mind that everything will last for a long time depending on how well the treatment or maintenance that we give to our stuff.
Besides, we must also consider the material used. There is no doubt if the material selection will affect the quality of the furniture itself.
Rattan furniture can be made from two different materials. There is furniture made from natural rattan, and there is furniture made from synthetic rattan.
Then, do they have similar durability? Or, which one is more durable?
It is back again to where we keep it. Do we keep it indoors or outdoors?
Let me refresh your thought that both natural and synthetic rattan furniture has each specific area to be placed that suitable for them.
All of the elements of natural rattan furniture are usually made from natural rattan peeled, cane, stem, etc. Thus, rattan furniture which is made from natural rattan material is suitable to keep indoors. In case you want to keep it outdoors, make sure it is protected by canopy like in the porch and not in touch directly with sunlight. This natural rattan furniture can last until 5-6 years or more with appropriate and frequent maintenance.
Meanwhile, synthetic rattan formed by pieces of synthetic rattan peeled made from plastic (PE) or PVC material. This item usually used metal or aluminium frames as the structure of furniture. Thus, synthetic rattan furniture is suitable to keep either indoors or outdoors. Since the elements of this furniture are plastic and metal/aluminium, it is more durable if it keep outdoors. But, it is better to have synthetic rattan furniture with powder-coated aluminium frames because it will not get rust after several years of use. This piece of furniture can last at least 6-8 years or more, of course with appropriate and frequent maintenance.
Perhaps in several years of use, you will found a little problem arises to your rattan furniture. Proper and quick action will help your rattan furniture against the worst condition. So, it will make you easy to restore your furniture.
Therefore, rattan furniture always surprises us with its durability whether it is made from a natural or synthetic one. Thus, more often you maintain your furniture well, more durable and stay longer your furniture will be.