Rattan and teak are highly desirable materials for furniture. Both of them become popular because of their advantages. They have their special characteristic which is made them look luxury, elegance, classic, and give natural nuances. Both of them are suitable to be made to become a piece of beautiful furniture and comes from natural material.
However, you must consider which is best and suitable for your need before you decide what furniture that will you buy.
These things will help you to convince yourself about what is the best furniture for you.
Where do they come from?
Before you buy either rattan or teak furniture, you must know first where do they come from, and what are they? Rattan is a palm-like tree which is grown lushly in Indonesia, especially in Sulawesi, Kalimantan, and Sumatra island. Most of the rattan can not grow up without a tree beside them. It is because rattan survives by climbing the tree. On the other hand, rattan doesn’t need a long time to grow old and harvested. In contrast with teak, it needs a long time to have a large size that is suitable to be harvested and made as furniture.
What furniture lasts the longest?
Both rattan and teak furniture are long-lasting. But, the quality of material used is important. For low-grade teak will speed up the aging process and its lesser oil and rubber content will make it susceptible to rot and mites. Meanwhile, most of the rattan material has the same durability depends on the maintenance.
As far as we can see, most teak furniture is not completed with the cushion. It is because teak furniture has a flat surface. It is still comfortable to be seated but not for a long time because the hard structure of teak furniture will make you uncomfortable to sit in for a long time. Meanwhile, rattan furniture is usually completed with the cushion. Of course, it will make you more comfortable even for a long time of use. In addition, there is also rattan furniture that not completed with cushion. But it still comfortable because it made from rattan weaving which is soft and flexible to be seated.
Since nowadays teak tree become rare and need a long time to be harvested, teak furniture comes at expensive prices. It is also depending on the quality of the teak itself. Whilst, rattan furniture is cheaper than teak furniture. So, if you want to buy cheap furniture, rattan furniture can be your option.
Anyway, what are you waiting for? Let’s pick one of our products to complete your house with the best furniture.