Synthetic rattan furniture is a type of furniture made from synthetic rattan. It is an artificial material that resembles the form and texture of rattan peeled. The finished synthetic rattan looks likely made from plastic because synthetic rattan can be made from two different main materials. It can be made from polyethylene (PE) or polyvinyl chloride (PVC) material.
Most of the synthetic rattan furniture formed by artificial elements. But, it is also possible that some synthetic rattan furniture has natural elements. The combination of each elements will improve the quality and comfort of furniture.
Synthetic rattan material resembles the form of rattan peel, so it needs to be weaved first before becoming a piece of furniture. That is why synthetic rattan material also needs frames to combine a rattan weaving become furniture.
The frame used by many manufacturers usually made from metal or aluminium material. Some others also used natural material such as wood.
Synthetic rattan furniture has a light-weight. It is because of the elements used. Because most of the synthetic rattan furniture used an artificial material, it is more sturdy and durable than natural one if we keep it outside the house. That is why synthetic rattan furniture designed to fit in the patio or garden.
The weaving process of synthetic rattan is similar to pure rattan. What becomes a plus for synthetic rattan is a weaving fiber are often coated with UV additives that can prevent fading and wear.
What you have to bear in mind is synthetic rattan furniture that formed by natural frames or wood frame. Many manufacturers used Mahogany wood as a frame of the furniture. It is because Mahogany trees are easy to be found. Besides, mahogany wood is also lighter than other wood. Since it is a natural material, of course, it is susceptible to fungi and mite. Therefore, that piece of furniture is very vulnerable if we keep it outdoors. But, as the solution, if you have synthetic rattan furniture with wood frame, you can add a silicone pedestal or aluminium pedestal to avoid direct contact between your furniture and sand of your garden.
Thus, the important one is you must consider what furniture that suitable for you carefully before you are going to buy it.
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