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Rattan Furniture For Outdoors

If you are in the mood of furnishing your outdoors with great furniture pieces, then you need to be careful while choosing the items. You need to know that the furniture used for an outdoor purpose will be exposed to the roughness and extremes of nature. Therefore, those made from durable materials need to be looked upon for the purposes. However, only durability will not help in making them appropriate to use as an outdoor one. Thus, a piece of…

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Rattan Cane Furniture Producer

Rattan Cane Furniture Producer

Rattan cane is the stem of various climbing palms of the genus Calamus and related genera. Perhaps many of you think that rattan cane only can be made as a walking cane for the elderly. In fact, many rattan furniture manufacturers use rattan cane for making an item of furniture. A piece of furniture made from rattan cane has its unique shape. Rattan cane furniture also has several advantages. One of the advantages itself is rattan cane has great flexibility.…

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wicker furniture

How To Repaint Wicker or Rattan Furniture

Wicker Furniture is made from woven material such as rattan, reed, willow, and etc. It is appropriate to keep inside the room as its material comes from natural material that does not have weather resistant and fungi resistant. But, who knows that someone will violate the rule of where should it be kept in order to comply the needs of the use of furniture. Perhaps somebody prefer to keep the rattan wicker furniture outside the room like in their porch…

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wicker furniture exporters

Wicker Furniture Exporters

Before you buy any furniture, perhaps you will consider what furniture which is best and suited for you. Have you ever heard about wicker furniture? If you have not heard anything about wicker furniture, so check these out to get to know with Wicker Furniture. The term “wicker” itself is not a kind of material of certain furniture. Wicker is the name of a weaving process. It actually refers to a variety of vines, grasses, and plants that are used…

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Rattan Hanging Chairs

Tips and Steps To Set The Rattan Hanging Chairs

First and foremost, hanging chairs are interesting furniture. Besides its unique shape, this item also has an important role. It is to give you a comfortable place to take a rest in your spare time. This item is also suitable for a minimalist house because you only need to hang it on the ceiling or keep it on the floor with a small space. Hanging chairs can be made of many materials. There are wooden hanging chairs, metal hanging chairs,…

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where to place rattan furniture

Where to place rattan furniture

The popularity of rattan furniture in the world can not be doubted. This kind of furniture claimed as strong and durable furniture. There are also many advantages to using rattan furniture as furniture at the house. The flexibility of rattan furniture becomes one of the advantages that taken by many people who chose rattan furniture to be their furniture. A lot of people also interest in the shape of rattan furniture that can be easily modified depending on their desire.…

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advantages of rattan

The Advantages Of Rattan Apart From Becoming Furniture

Rattan is a climbing vine-like plant. It is a member of the palm family and more than 600 species are known. It has strong, solid stalks that grow around 2-5 cm in diameter and the leaves have long whip-like barbed tips that serve as a support system for the plants to grow and climb over trees and other plants toward the sunlight in the tropical forest. The long slender stems grow very fast and they are quickly replenished after harvested.…

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Rattan Processing Steps

The Steps of Rattan Processing

Rattan processing divided into several steps. Each step has a specific purpose. However, all of the steps taken in the processing of rattan are basically to improve the quality of the rattan product. Rattan is raw materials that use in the commercial industry, so rattan must be served in a good condition whether it becomes semi-finished products or finished products such as furniture and other handicrafts. Here are the steps of rattan processing before becoming a piece of furniture: Frying…

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rattan furniture materials

Rattan Furniture Materials

The process of making furniture can not be separated from its material that chosen to produce a product of furniture. Rattan furniture uses rattan materials. Most of the rattan manufacturers use processed materials. Some of them use natural or synthetic rattan or even both. Of course, there are many considerations in choosing what are materials that suited to be made as furniture. Tripolar Furniture mostly used natural rattan to make a piece of furniture. Our company has a purpose to…

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Rattan Industry Cirebon

The Rattan Industry in Cirebon

Indonesia as a country which is located on the equator has a very lush tropical forest. Many kinds of plants are growing in this forest. One of them is rattan plants, and even almost 90% rattan plants of the world grow in the tropical forest of Indonesia. It can not be doubted that rattan plants become the source of life for many Indonesia citizens. For example, in Cirebon, West Java. Besides its popularity of shrimp and Trusmi Batik, Cirebon is…

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