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Health Benefit of Rattan Rocking Chair

The Health Benefits of Rattan Rocking Chairs

Most of the people interest in rocking chairs because of their unique shape and pattern. It is also because of the rocking chairs give vintage nuances. When do rocking chairs found? And how do rocking chairs made firstly? Cited from Utility website, unsurprisingly, rocking chairs have been around for quite some time, with the first dating back to 1710, and was created by attaching two ice skates to the bottom of a regular chair. However, the trend didn’t take off…

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Rocking Chair Exporters

Rattan Rocking Chairs Exporters

What comes to mind when you think about rocking chairs? A seat for the elderly? Have you ever think why many elderly prefer to use a rocking chair than another ordinary chair? You don’t have to waste your time to think about it. What you have to know is, what is rocking chair itself? and where you can find rocking chairs, especially rattan rocking chairs? Here are what we would like to tell about. Cited from Wikipedia, a rocking chair…

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The Best Types of Indonesian rattan

Indonesia has many types of rattan. However, not all types of rattan can be made as furniture. There are around 312 species of rattan plants grow in Indonesia. It can be seen from a various genus that owned by Indonesia. From 13 genus of rattan plants in all over the world, Indonesia has 8 genus of rattan plants. Is not it sound great, is it? So, no one can not doubt that Indonesia is the biggest rattan exporters in the…

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Rattan Furniture Is A Proper Furniture for Minimalist Home Decoration

Are you one of many people who loved minimalist home? It obviously can not be doubted that we get many advantages from minimalist home. A minimalist house usually does not has a large size. The word “minimal” here reflects the use of less extensive land. People who built a minimalist house also minimize every size of the room, so it can be a simple house but has a fairly large capacity. However, most of the minimalist house can not be…

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Where are the best quality rattan furniture comes from ?

The rapid development of the rattan industry in the world made increasingly large rattan export competition. Rattan furniture exporters come from various countries such as Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, and many other countries in the Asian continent. However, Indonesia claimed as the biggest rattan exporters and rattan industry in the world. Since a lot of foreigners interest with rattan furniture that uses natural rattan material, they keep choosing Indonesia as their business destination of rattan furniture. Indonesia produced almost 85% rattan…

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Strandkorb Stuhl Angebote

Strandkorb Chair Exporteure sind Hersteller oder Hersteller von speziellen Stühlen, die Strandkorb genannt werden. Strandkorb ist ein spezielles Windschutz-Sitzmöbel mit Kapuze, das in Strand- oder Badeorten verwendet wird. Es besteht aus natürlichem oder synthetischem Rattangeflecht, Holzpaneelen und Segeltuch. Die Bestuhlung kann für eine Person oder bis zu zwei Personen mit verstellbaren Rückenlehnen erfolgen. Der Stuhl bietet bequeme Sitzgelegenheiten und Schutz vor Wind, Regen, Sandböen und Sonnenbrand in Strandresorts oder am Pool. Weitere integrierte Funktionen sind ausziehbare Fußstützen, Markisen, seitliche Klapptische…

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Natural Rattan Vs Synthetic Rattan

Most of foreigners interest with rattan furniture. Besides, many local people of Indonesia are also interested in rattan furniture, although its range of the amount of foreigners interest with local people is quite far. Its popularity can not be a doubt. Nowadays, the scope of trade goes wider throughout the world. This made many exporters are looking for a customer all over the world. Cirebon is one of the central rattan industry in Indonesia. Tripolar Furniture Rattan is one of…

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5 Easy Ways to Care For Your Rattan Furniture

Rattan furniture is the best-chosen furniture for your home. It serves classical nuances for your home. Rattan furniture is also flexible. It can be either an indoor or outdoor furniture depends on your desire. Good furniture can be long-lasting depends on how its owner treats their furniture. Besides rattan furniture consists of natural material, which as we know the biggest enemies for any kinds of furniture made by natural material are fungi and termite. You might be thought that to…

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The Best Rattan Furniture for your house

House is a building functioned as a residence for its residents. Thus, a house designed in various shape and pattern to be comfortable to stay. A comfortable house can not be separated from various furniture that completed the house. Best-chosen furniture reflects the idea of its residents. Nowadays, the furniture comes up with a various model, start from classic to modern design. Furniture is a home fitting such as chairs, table, cupboard, etc. Furniture can be made by various material…

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Hotel Furniture Manufacturer

Rattan furniture is not only used at home but also used at hotel. In every area of hotel, rattan furniture can be used. In the lobby, natural rattan is suitable for use as ocassional chairs, living sets. In the restaurant area, natural rattan can be built as dining chair and table. In swimming pool area, synthetic rattan is more suitable to use as lounger, relax chair, day bed. In Hotel Room area, natural rattan chair is more suitable. Below is…

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